At work

Aidyll Interiors helps clients to realise their desired interior through a number of services: we advise clients and produce designs to help them realise the interiors of their choice; clients may also contract us to execute the design we make for them. To be able to meet varied interior needs of clients, the services are offered in dynamic and flexible stages including:


Following initial contact, Aidyll Interiors pays you an introductory visit to do the following:

  • Discuss your needs and wishes for the space in question
  • Examine the interior space with you and take necessary measurements; gather information about the space and about the building and surrounding. We examine the building plans and discuss past renovations, where applicable.
  • Make an inventory of the natural daylight reception and establish the walking routes in the space(s).
  • Fill in questionnaire with you. This form can be made available to you prior to the interview if so desired.
  • Take an inventory of existing (furniture) items that you wish to reuse in the new interior space
  • Take photographs of your existing interior and of the surrounding and
  • Look at the (budget) indication with you.


Following the intake interview, I will prepare a design brief. The design brief outlines your wishes and needs for your interior; it gives a clear indication of your style preference and describes the character of your space. The design brief is sent to you for review and approval; the approved design brief gives Aidyll Interiors consent to commence work on the design for your interior.


Aidyll Interiors strives to meet your expectation and, preferably surpass it by realising a design that captures the essence of your interior wishes and needs. To this end we do the following in the design phase:

  • Critically analyse your interior needs and wishes and capture these in a mood board and initial colour palettes
  • Define solutions to the needs and wishes globally and capture these solutions in concept sketches, furniture schemes and material schemes.
  • Make a lighting arrangement, if applicable
  • Present the concept sketches, schemes and arrangements to you for review
  • Make a detailed design incorporating reviews and additional information provided by you
  • Make detail 2-D and 3-D sketches and profiles of the detailed design to scale, accompanied with information on material, style accessories, dimensions, colour schemes, techniques etc.
  • Present the detailed design to you.


Clients may contract Aidyll Interiors to execute the design. Allowing Aidyll Interiors execute the design ensures access to a network of competent and well-informed craftsmen, an accurate cost estimate and reasonably priced project management. These imply good workmanship, great savings, fewer surprises, and less stress.
Aidyll Interiors does the following in design execution:

  • Prepare a work plan that is well adapted to your personal schedule
  • Assemble the work team
  • Make an activity plan with a clear job site schedule
  • Estimate project costs
  • Monitor and coordinate the work-related activities up to delivery
  • Keep contact with you
  • Complete the styling with decorative accessories
  • Compile relevant ‘after-service’ information and presents this to you when your new interior is delivered to you.

The mode of operation described above is easily adaptable to personal needs; we will be ready to discuss this with you.