About Aidyll Interiors

My name is Mary Steverink-Mosugu; I live in Gouda, the Netherlands, with my husband and three children. I am African by origin and have an international background; I have lived, studied and worked in different countries including the Netherlands where I have lived and worked since 2000.

Creative outlet

Interior spaces have held a strong fascination for me from an early age. I pored long over the interior spaces I came in contact with, thinking of ways to optimise these spaces for use, comfort and ambience. At every opportunity, I rearranged components of spaces, ranging from friends’ lockers at school to rooms at home, attempting to ‘personalise’ the spaces for the user. These activities were my ‘creative outlet’ and I enjoyed them immensely.

Spaces in which people live and work have a significant influence on their physical and psychological wellbeing and invariably on their performance. This fascinating fact spurs me on to realise optimal living and workspaces for myself and for others. My acquaintance with different cultures has strengthened my passion for interior spaces and reinforced my appreciation of how important a person’s ‘personal space’ can be. It has helped me to understand interior needs and wishes and to make informed choices in my effort to improve interior spaces, generating positive reactions.

A few years ago, I opted to channel my fascination and involvement with interior spaces into a profession by acquiring professional training in Interior design. I have successfully completed the training and work as a professional Interior designer at Aidyll Interiors since 2016.

I look forward to working with you.

Mary Steverink-Mosugu
Phone: +31641886749
Email: info@aidyllinteriors.nl