Large wallpaper murals are trendy in interior decoration. This is probably not reason enough to decorate your interior space with them, especially if you have reservations about trends. However, a close look at a few of the effects wallpaper murals have on the ambience of a room shows that they are much more than being trend items.

Wall murals give a whole new dimension to a room. They can introduce a perfect illusion of unique worlds to an interior space ranging from the ambience of bustling cities to that of idyllic tropical beaches. Murals bring contrast to a room, accenting the surface on which they are placed. They thus provide a focus point in the room and make a more expressive.

Depending on their scale, wallpaper murals can influence our perception of space in an interior. Large scale murals can make a disproportionally large room appear more in line with the human scale. A landscape mural on the other hand, gives an illusion of expanse to an interior space by optically blurring the boundary between the mural wall and the adjoining walls, floor and ceiling, as it were, “extending” the horizon.

Wall murals suit a wide range of design preferences: they can be used in any interior space irrespective of function, style preferences or ages of the user(s).

Useful to know
The is a wide range of lovely murals to choose from. However, it is important to establish the effect you wish to achieve with a mural in your space well ahead of purchasing one. Aidyll Interiors will can help you with deciding on, and if necessary, procuring the right mural for your interior.

While deciding, consider how you want to mount de mural: should you use a mural that needs an application of glue or should you use a self-adhesive mural? Self-adhesive murals are easy to install and to remove. They are reusable and can be repositioned when handled right. As such, they are a flexible way to update an interior.

Choose a self-adhesive wallpaper mural with no growing agent in the adhesive. Then you are sure that the adhesive will peel off with ease years later, without damage to your wall or paint. If you need to reposition your mural, keep the adhesive side free from dust and dirt.

For best results, use wall murals on a flat, smooth and clean surface; cleaning the wall before installation increases the lifespan of the mural.

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A large-scale wallpaper mural brings a disproportionately large space more in line with the human dimension.

An illusion of vastness is created with a landscape wallpaper mural in an interior.

View and perspective in a room without a view of the garden through a large wallpaper mural on the wall