A number of the interior design trends predicted for 2018 really do catch your attention, they make you think about them. One of these has to with details: Details, it is predicted, will get more and more important in interior design. This is one trend to look into in light of what details can do for an interior space.

Details add character to a space (Marilen Styles) and thus make a space unique (Sandy Kloncz). Details pull components of an interior space together to create a more wholly integrated environment (Cullman and Pruzan). They define or accentuate the style of a space and may be critical for the success or failure of an interior design project. For these and more reasons, increasing importance of details in interior design is a welcome trend.

For designers and decorators the list of details can include everything from wood marquetry, tassel fringe, intricate patterns (Timothy Corrigan), a coordinated attempt to connect components of an interior space into a pleasant whole (Cullman and Pruzan).

Opportunities for incorporating details in interior design are inexhaustible and very often affordable. This trend surely offers much.

Balanced glamour resulting from a thoughtful combination of pretty details

Miles and Lincoln
The panels add character to this reception space.

The austere form and symmetric placing of the spots in the ceiling accentuate the minimalistic style of this room and completes the picture nicely.